17 Unlikely Animal Friends Who Are Winning At Life

riendship is a beautiful thing. It can melt away differences with laughter, spark joy in an instant and heal with a hug. Your best friend may be nothing like you—but they love you, and that’s what’s important. As these unlikely pals prove, sometimes the less you have in common, the better.

What, you don’t bring your rooster to the beach? You’re clearly missing out.

Image via: @serama.mama

Bunnies make the best friends and the best pillows.

Image via: @sapphires.world

Sisters from another mister: Joanna the bearded dragon and DinDin, her Siamese BFF.

Image via: @twobadgals

Shirley and Stanley had a long walk to school ahead of them. A long, adorable walk.

Image via: @thetortoiseandthechug

This is Callie and Stewart’s first selfie together. They became the best of friends, and broke the Internet in the process.

Image via: @dogandsquirrel

Nothing to see here—just a chicken hitching a ride on his llama friend’s back.

Image via: @pagepardo

Sometimes you’ve just got to turn off the alarm clock and have yourself a proper Sunday Snugday.

Image via: @wat.ki

PopTart the Frenchie and his BFF Honey-Bun are beginning to tire of the paparazzi.

Image via: @frenchie__poptart

Although they may seem unlikely friends, guinea pigs and cats share a mutual love of lounging and judging you.

Image via: @lorinmichelle

That feeling? That’s your heart melting all over the place.

Image via: @Abby_thepinkpiggy

Fact: Pitties and chickies make the best of friends.

Image via: @apoochandachooch

Room for one more? Bella Boo Boo loves her boxer besties.

Image via: @bella.booboo.pig

Pucker up! Samantha likes to steal a kiss every now and then from her buddy Hank.

Image via: @oldapplebarnyard

Is this squad taking applications? Because if so, we totally want in.

Image via: @sanderszoo

What do you do when the pigs steal your bed? Sleep on the pigs.

Image via: @jefethebulldog

Comet gave up playing it cool years ago—he simply loves his furry friend Cody.

Image via: @theannachew

Lucy Kim is all smiles when Roo swings by for a visit.