Relieve Stress In Just 5 Minutes With This Simple Japanese Method

Stress is the body’s natural defense against predators and danger. It flushes the body with hormones to prepare systems to evade or confront danger. This is known as the “fight-or-flight” mechanism.

But modern life brings us stress different than the one needed to survive in the environment. Your job, your colleagues, even your closest family and partner.

If you have a child, that’s a completely other level of stress, am I right? But luckily, there are as many techniques to overcome stress as there are reasons. Most of them have a root in Taoism and eastern meditation and alternative medicine.

The Japanese were way ahead of their time, compared to other nations, especially when it comes to talk about medicine. There is a very useful and painless technique for overcoming stress which they developed, based on the few types of states of mind.

They’ve discovered that each of our fingers on our palm represents a single state of mind, common to humans.

  •     The thumb is connected to worrying
  •     The index finger control fear
  •     The middle finger is connected with resentment and anger -it’s not for nothing that “giving the middle finger” to someone usually happens when you are angry and furious
  •     The ring finger is connected with happiness or sadness in your life
  •     The little finger is connected with self-esteem and dignity

Now that we have told you which finger represents which state of mind, it’s time to tell you how the harmonization technique works.

Just take one of your fingers, doesn’t matter on which hand, and grasp it with the other hand. You should wrap all of your fingers to the chosen finger.

Hold each finger of the hand for about 3-4 minutes. You might feel a slight pulse sensation – that’s harmonization taking place. Also, not repeating this technique to each finger, you should press your thumb whenever feeling worried or rushed with emotions.

It’s the best way to calm down

What’s best about this technique? You could do it everywhere – at work, on the public transport, over the phone etc. you should never take the stress and find ways to release it. Simply try this – it’s simpler and more efficient!