What Does Your Native American Totem Mean for You According To Your Birth Date

Let us have a look on the spiritual signs in the form of animals according to your birth dates.

Snow Goose (22nd December-19th January)

The people who belong to this time span are people who value honesty and affection more than anything. At times they are brutally honest and no matter how much Hardship they go through, seeking the support of a lie is never an option for them. They also like to suffer on their own and do not bother other people around them; but the support of love is important for them.

Otter (22ndJanuary-18th February)

These are the people who seek to promote human welfare, even if that means they are themselves in danger. They are the universal well wishers of the people and often stand up as a pillar if support to the people in need. It is tough for them to see anyone else suffering, they become the shoulder to cry on.

Wolf (19th February – 20th March)

People who are born in this month span love their freedom more than anything in this world. They are known for their extremity in every way no matter is it love or hatred or passion for something. They do not like halfway done things. They accept everything about you or nothing.

Falcon (21st March-19th April)

The people who are Falcon according to the American Totem are the ones who care about the future along with the present, who like to foresee and plan. Judging people is not their thing; they like to gather the dear ones no matter if it’s their happy or sad time. Having the close ones together loosens up their burdens; they love to share their stuff with people, even if that means they get the smallest part of it.

Beaver (20th April-20th May)

People who belong to the beaver group are often artistic in their lives and in the lives of people around them. They wish to be in competition with their previous day. They are tender in nature if not pushed to the extreme limits. They like to add color in people’s lives; they are the ones who like to hold people together when they are falling apart.

Deer (21st May-20th June)

Deer are nature lovers. They are people who do not like to reveal much about themselves to people who they do not know for a long time. But once they are accustomed, they are the most cheerfully and happy people to be with. They are comfortable on their own and they find solace often when they are alone.

Woodpecker (21st June-21st July)

For woodpeckers, their goals are everything. They work hard till the time they get what they actually want and no matter how much struggle it needs to achieve they stick to it.

Salmon (22nd July-22nd August)

These people are the one who do not like mainstream agendas; they like to go off the line. They like to challenge the usual society norms even if that makes them the only one protesting.

Bear (23rd August-22nd September)

Bears are known for their shielding abilities, when someone tries to harm their loved ones. They are not much into arguments and they like to organize things. They are also faithful when it comes to relationships.

Ravens (23rd September – 22nd October)

Ravens are different from the mainstream people in their thoughts, as their thoughts are woven in complex threads. They do not show much of their soul to anyone, they wait for the arrival of a soul like them.

Snake (23rd October – 21stNovember)

These are the people who can understand emotions of other people in an unexpected manner. They balance their feelings easily often having lot of secrets. They can sense the danger.

Owl (22nd November-21st December)

Owls are the smartest of all who wait to grab any positive chances that come their way. They extract every chance they get. They can even sense positive chances when there is no light.